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Dam data table
Dam No.F2156
Honenike Dam (Pre) mKagawa Pref.n

@@Honen-ike Dam (Re)
Location (Latitude, Longitude) N 3421' 30''CE 13341' 04''   [Japanese Dam Finder]
Purpose^Dam type A^MA
Height^Crest length^Dam volume 32.3m^158.4m^21 thousand m3
Catchment area^Water surface area 9.9km2^16ha
Reservoir capacity 1590 thousand m3
FY project started^completed ^1930

1. Dam purposes are abbreviated as follows:
A: Agricultural irrigation   F: Flood control   I: Water supply for industry   N: Non-specified, river flow maintenance
P: Hydropower   R: Recreation   S: Snow melting &removing   W: Water supply

2. Dam types are abbreviated as follows:
A: Arch   B: Buttress   CSG: Trapezoidal CSG   E: Earthfill   FA: Asphalt face fill   FC: Asphalt core fill   G: Gravity
GF: Gravity concrete & fill dam (compound)   HG: Hollow gravity   MA: Multi-arch   R: Rockfill

3. The fiscal year (FY) in Japan is from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

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